Pawel Janiak

Software developer, photographer, marketer and storyteller

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I'm a software developer from South Africa. I also take cool photos, ride superbikes, create interactive content, and ramble on about philosophy when I'm away from a screen.

Software Developer

Half a decade of professional software development experience. Front-end, back-end, platform strategy, UX design.

Ruby, JavaScript, some Python, and a tiny bit of Golang.

Pawel Janiak


Humans are terrible communicators. I spend my life learning about miscommunication while trying to find better ways for people to communicate with one another.

My projects

An interactive guide to interactive content marketing. Includes interviews with Nicky Case and Nathan Bashaw. Created to help you publish your first (or next) interactive content project.
I created Part Fiction as a platform to help others learn about meaningful topics through compelling, beautiful, interactive storytelling. Part Fiction is host to the internet's first story-based course on the Black Lives Matter movement.
A small calculator to help you estimate how much direct competition your content marketing will face in the coming years. It'll help you gauge how much interactive content you'll soon be competing within your own industry.
Mobile Chat Groups is a directory site for public Whatsapp, Telegram, and WeChat groups. Anyone in the world can create and find listings for topical mobile chat groups.
A part of the Mobile Chat Groups website, Mobile Communities is an embeddable widget that allows startups and publications to quickly spin up hosted mobile communities.
Mybema is a retired open-source online community platform. The project was created to help startups and small businesses spin up self-hosted communities on their own domains.
An interactive content marketing calculator designed to help estimate the future growth of your site

Recent writing

Disrupting the entire internet
3 simple ideas for HTTP protocols that can pave the way for a frictionless, convenient, private internet
Introducing PavEasy
A frictionless, effortless authentication protocol
Playing the crypto game
Consideration points for pricing speculation in the crypto markets
Silencing Rails 5 asset log errors
How to silence log errors for missing assets in development in rails 5 if you don't use sprockets
A visual guide to background processing
A short visual guide explaining how Ruby's Sidekiq background processing works