Pawel Janiak

Software developer, ranter, biker.

Projects I've created


Mybema is an open-source online community platform built with simplicity in mind. Startups and small businesses can quickly set it up and have a self-hosted community on their own domains.

Mobile Chat Groups

A platform made to help Whatsapp and Telegram users make new friends and meet other people that share their passions and interests. It allows you to find and create online listings for groups on these two platforms.

Whatsapp Analyzer

A quick hack I made a while ago after wanting to visualize the most common words used, as well as user message ratios for Whatsapp.

Content marketing calculator

An interactive content marketing calculator designed to help estimate the future growth of your site

Customer service guide for startups

A 53 page guide with actionable tips on helping startups and small businesses improve their customer service practices.

More things coming soon...

Things I've written