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Sometimes missing out means not missing out

The title is a little less paradoxical when put into perspective. Sometimes missing out on one thing means not missing out on something far more important - something that is beneficial to everyone. I'll keep this brief by being specific. Sometimes being a geeky, loser nerd that can't get laid with a (or any) girl (or boy) means that you end up going on to make something really awesome that everyone benefits from, and end up getting laid with somebody else down the line.

The obvious example is Zuck missing out with his girlfriend and building something cool to get laid with other, new girls. From a utilitarian perspective, this was the far more beneficial outcome as many more people have gained from his 'get-laid' product. Whether or not this specific story is true is irrelevant because this scenario is prevalant in the engineering field and can probably be applied to many, many similar stories. Of course sex can also be a metaphor for any other pursuit of desire.

TL;DR - If you're an engineer and can't get laid, focus on your speciality and keep on at it. It will get you laid and you'll make the world a better place.

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