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Some devops commands I find useful

If you work on a linux stack as a devops or sysadmin, these could be of use to you.

Linux commands

If you’re new to sysadmin, have bad memory or are an all-in-one developer, these command shortcuts may be of some use to you next time you ssh into your server.

Storage Memory and files

find . -size +250M

This command finds all files larger than 250mb. You may want to cd ~ to search recursively from the top.

A lot of junk piles up ~/tmp and /var/log as well so you may want to clear out things from there.

find . -mtime -7

This lets you see what files were created within the last week.

df -h

This command lets you quickly see how much free storage you have.


tail -f file.log

If you have a log file you want to keep an eye on then tail it in one of your shell windows.

tail -f file.log | grep "A string of text I'm looking out for"

You can also tail for specific things.



You can see a list of all processes and their memory usage with the top command.

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