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Introducing PavEasy
A frictionless, effortless authentication protocol
Playing the crypto game
Consideration points for pricing speculation in the crypto markets
Silencing Rails 5 asset log errors
How to silence log errors for missing assets in development in rails 5 if you don't use sprockets
A visual guide to background processing
A short visual guide explaining how Ruby's Sidekiq background processing works
A gentle intro to webpack 2
A short intro guide to webpack 2 that touches on loaders, modules, and plugins.
Your content marketing analytics might be flawed
Are you sure you're tracking the data you need to get accurate, usable engagment insights from your content marketing?
The limits of metaphors
Metaphors, great for explanations. Not so great for convincing.
How to get more leads without sacrificing UX
Tips on how to keep growing your newsletter subscriptions without pissing your visitors off.
Slack ghosts and work questions
Why asking ex-employees for work related help on Slack is a bad thing
Want a 40% bounce rate? Here's how to get it
Lower bounce rates are always better. Here's a walkthrough on how I got a 40% bounce rate for my one site.
Customer service needs a renaissance
Customer service needs a revival like the ones experienced by content marketing and growth hacking
Some thoughts about freemium
An outline of the factors to consider when considering going freemium
Lowering churn will increase your acquisition rate
How to improve the viral score of your app/site by focusing on existing users.
Building performant newsfeeds
Some light theory on building newsfeeds, with Ruby example code
Understanding Ruby's module prepend and include
Ruby 2.0 allows you to change how methods work, in a much better way.
Negative brand mentions won't kill you. Stop the pandamonium!
Things that brands and agencies should know about mentions and sentiment.
Always sunny in
Secretly, we all think Rand looks a little bit like Rob.
Ruby's private methods and testing
A quick post about why you should not test your private methods.
Some quick lessons in caching
Notes from some recent experiences with caching and memcached.
Real growth
How ideas, companies and communities grow.
Some devops commands I find useful
If you work on a linux stack as a devops or sysadmin, these could be of use to you.
Developing with Opera Mini in mind
Opera Mini has over 50 million users, but the browser can bite you in the ass as a developer.
Rails 4 and the array type with postgres
A quick explanation of why your Rails arrays might not be updating when you save new values to the array.
Adding a 5 star ratings feature to a Rails 4 model
A quick tutorial on how to go about adding a star-rating feature to Rails using raty.js
Setting up a Ruby on Rails app on DigitalOcean
A walkthrough of setting up and securing a Ruby on Rails application on DigitalOcean VPS.
A poignant story
Written under the influence of Hans Zimmer music.
Whatsapp analytics
An open source tool for graphing Whatsapp conversation analytics.
Polarizing information presentation to increase information spread.
A fact-based, scientific look into the correlation between information spread and emotional polarization.
Rails 4, turbolinks and wiselinks
A rundown on Ruby on Rails 4, turbolinks and an alternative called wiselinks
0 second visits according to Google Analytics
A brief explanation of why you see so many 0-10 second page visits on your website.
Using Nginx Pagespeed to improve your page load times
Nginx Pagespeed has been released. Read about why you should be using it.
Some Memcached tips
An intro to caching with Memcached with Ruby on Rails and some high performance tips for Memcached.
Packaging matters
An anecdote on why marketing matters as much (if not more) than the quality of your product.
What's needed to manipulate the world
The ultimate skeptic
The API in layman's terms
Existence precedes essence
Call it a community
Sometimes missing out means not missing out
Top decision making behaviours that are consistently irrational
Guerrilla media
Why intelligent communities will always fail
Fuck the innovators
The specialist vs. the generalist
Persuasion within organisations
On the totality of things
Managing ideation
Fallacies of logic